carbon landscape

What is a carbon landscape?

I have been researching this brilliant project, which protects a unique landscape which is based on carbon, stretching across Wigan, Salford and Warrington.
The Carbon Landscape Partnership is a £3.2 million project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The project connects the landscape across the three different boroughs, including reclaimed mining land.
These landscapes include the wetlands of Wigan, the mosslands in Salford and Warrington and the Mersey Wetlands corridor. This project covers an amazingly diverse landscape of waterways, fen lands, wet grasslands, wet woodlands and lowland raised bogs.
By protecting these amazingly diverse parts of the North West, we have the chance to save them for future generations, as well as lowering our carbon footprint. I have always been fascinated with the local ecology, especially since I studied an ecology degree at Myerscough College. This work has been a huge source of inspiration for an upcoming project.

I went to ‘Light Night Wigan and Leigh on Saturday night, which showcased the area’s canals and waterways, with illuminated art works. This was such a good idea to showcase artists’ work in this way.
This event was part of The Fire Within, Wigan Council’s manifesto and five year plan to bring new artists and culture to the town centre.
One of the highlights was a huge floating glowing planet earth at Pennington Flash , which was created by artist Luke Jerram. As well as that, I was obviously drawn to the weird and wonderful wild plants lit up in an unexpected way!
Leaf mould
If you have a garden covered in fallen leaves, you have the perfect opportunity to make leaf mould compost. All you have to do is fill a bin bag with leaves, poke a few holes in the bag, and then put it behind the shed. 

After one year, the leaves will have broken down to become a beautiful crumbly compost full of nutrients, which you can use to give your plants or vegetables a real boost. 


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