How does your front garden grow?
Very interesting article below about the loss of front gardens, which says applications for dropped kerbs have soared in recent years. Of course having a verdant and blooming front garden is beautiful to the eye and provides habitat for wildlife. However, the ability to get where we need to be for work and life means some of us choose to pave over a front garden to create off-street parking. Not everyone has the amount of land required for off street parking and plenty of green space.

However, there are options to try to provide parking while still retaining plants, small trees and greenery. I would always suggest a water permeable paving material which allows groundwater to soak through into the earth, rather than flow down it into the drainage system. Leaving space for plants around the edge of your front garden area would also help absorb water through their roots. Even planters around the edge of the space would allow for edibles to be grown as well as flowering plants for the bees and butterflies.
It’s not always an ‘either or’ situation – sometimes both modern life and wildlife can be accomodated.

Northern roots Project..
Take a look at the masterplan for the Northern Roots 160 acre urban farm and eco-park site in Oldham. This is a fantastic project & I’ve followed its progress from the off.

Northern Roots Masterplan Consultation

Michael John McGarr