Outdoor Kitchen Garden Design and Build in Lancashire.

Outdoor Kitchen Garden Design and Build in Lancashire.

  • Complete: November 2018

  • Project Size: 250 m2

  • Project Value: £90,000

When our clients visited the WM design studio it became clear that they required many things from their garden. A luxury outdoor living space and garden design that would “wow and excite” visitors to the property whilst remaining functional and complimenting the beautiful interior of the property. The clients required an outdoor kitchen, including a covered area with heating to allow the space to be used all year round.

We worked on a number of garden design features and tricks to achieve this brief.

This presented a unique set of constraints and design opportunities here in the studio. The locality of the property is semi rural, and in order to achieve a slick minimalist garden design, careful attention needed to paid to the balance of materials and planting within the proposed garden design.

This wouldn’t be straight forward, we would would need to employ a subtle blend of softer planting and hedging towards the garden boundaries whilst using the horizontal plane and hard standing spaces to achieve the functional useable spaces.

We zoned the garden design into to separate functional rooms each with there own distinct feeling:

Outdoor kitchen to house an outdoor fridge and barbecue built into a granite work surface. The kitchen includes Industrial Pendant down lights for food preparation and cooking into the evening for guests. The outdoor structure features an a sedum roof which is beneficial to wildlife and slows the flow of rain water through the structure. The structures contain a series of drains which work excess rain water through to the planted area beneath.

An Zen meditational space that was simple and uncluttered where a swing chair could be placed for reflection.

A dining area to place a dining set for ten placed close to the kitchen which allows clear access to the kitchen for dinner parties and family get togethers.

A lounge area close to the the property that serves as a reflection point and evening entertainment area. this area would home a contemporary lounge set and coffee table.

The garden lighting so vital in a garden like this is the “7 year warranty” Collingwood lighting that is controlled via IOS app. Care was taken during the garden design stages to keep the lighting design subtle as not to overpower.

A floating Yellow balau bridge feature that braces and joins the two separate areas of the garden, whilst leading the eye carefully through to the outdoor building and sedum covered structure to the rear of the landscape.

The “floating bridge feature” covers an infinity pool that houses aquatic plants, and braces a cascade water feature that is also controlled by IOS app.

One of the things became apparent that was apparent during early investigations of the property was how we could blend such a minimal and sharp design into the beautiful Lancashire countryside. Simplicity is so often the key to good garden design, and it became clear that an uncluttered material palette would achieve the desired outcome. Our simple garden design is a combination of Yellow balau timber decking, deep grey porcelain and powder coated steel. With the remaining textures being made up of evergreen hedging, softer meadow planting and a sedum roof.

In order to do this wewould need to employ a subtle blend of softer planting mainly native indigenous types supplied in a meadowmat format that is quick to install and great for the environment and biodiversity.

Other features of the garden design include corten steel bowls which can perform two seperate functions; they may be filled with water to create a luxurious bird bath whilst reflecting the sky above, adding extra light to the garden design. Or they can simply be filled with logs and burnt on an evening to stave away bugs whilst watching the evening sun going down. Outdoor Kitchen Garden Design And Build In Lancashire